My heart skips a beat to:
That really good song that you can put on repeat without getting tired of it, the perfect swish from nothing but net, bright colors that scream attention which I don't like to bask in, cars that remind me of cartoons, the right sneakers for every occasion, the honest "I've-missed-you" look my dog gives me when I come home, a quick run in the dark imagining someone is chasing me, anything kawaiiiiii, frozen desserts of many fulfilling kinds, heroes or arch-nemeses, life ambitions and carpe diem actions, exercising brain power, exploring So Cal, and eating food that is yummy-yummy, in my tummy. Did I mention I'm a web-junkie? Long live internet!

Things I Preach

1)  Never co-sign anything with anyone unless by holy matrimony you are conjoined by the balls.  Thus, enabling you to chop off said balls, if other party ever ruins your credit. 

2)  Sometimes, people are so busy smelling other people’s shit that they don’t smell their own shit.  Wake up and smell your own shit, people!  If you’re the kind of person who always thinks your right, holier-than-thou attitude, and is busy criticizing or nagging others - put on those brakes.  Take a look at yo’ damn self.  If they don’t ask you for your criticism, it’s appreciated you keep it to yourself.

3)  Don’t go cheating because you’re not happy with your relationship.  Man up.  Have the courage to go talk to your significant other if something isn’t working out.  If you want out of the relationship, be direct with the person and tell them so.  Don’t go seeking outside without breaking it off - that’s disrespectful to the other person as well as yourself.  Fucking own up to it. 

4) Just because you eat all organic shit or no meat or no preservatives or what-not does not make you better than the person next to you.   Get off your high horse.  Live a little, eat a nacho with that fake artificial cheese and stop thinking you’re better than someone else.  

5)  Quality not quantity.  This applies to a lot of things - a) the workplace  Working X amount of hours does not mean you are doing a lot of work.  In fact, that just makes me think you’re inefficient.  You should be able to finish hard work in an efficient amount of time.  If you’re needing to work overtime to do it, it doesn’t make you a harder worker, it just means you didn’t get your shit done.  b) food -  just because the chicken is large (great, now you’re eating a steroidal chicken) or they give you a whopping XL size bowl of pho or whatever, doesn’t mean bigger is better.  Fuck it.  It could taste like shit, but some people automatically assume more is better.   Take a breath, take time to taste it, does it actually taste good?  

6)  Not everyone of everything takes the same path.  Society builds in this notion that after you get educated, you get your career, you get your model husband or wife, then you have your picture perfect kids, and so on and so forth.  Life isn’t always like those comedy sitcoms.  Some of us don’t need kids to be happy.  Some of us don’t have to get married the second we get out of college.  Some of us don’t even have to go to college to be successful.   Each individual should have room to do what they want.

That’s it.  I’ve got 6 pieces of advice at the moment.  I’m too busy being happy and sitting on my own life-high, high from the happiness of being with an amazing man, and high from the happiness of pursuing my own career doing my own thing.   I’m so happy I could burst.  But these pieces of advice above?  Yeah.  Try to ease up.  Life isn’t a race, work isn’t a contest, and above all else, don’t take yourselves for granted.  Enjoy your situation, your being, and the people you choose to surround yourself with.  

Living the dream

I feel like I’m at the point right before the climax. Right before you
feel your loins tighten up, your toes tingle, and you reach that state
of internal euphoria.

Internal euphoria is exactly the state of mind I am in.
A girl once got stranded at a house because her boyfriend had the car.
He was about 20 miles away and refused to detour to pick her up
because 20 miles was too far. When the girl told me this, I remember
being livid. How could a boy just leave the girl simply because he
didn’t want to drive?

And ever since then, I’ve always lived by the quote, “I would drive
the ends of the earth for the love of my life.” It wouldn’t matter if
he was 50 miles or 500 miles away, I would drive to be with him.

I was taken aback when this past weekend, someone made a tremendous
trip and went out of their way to drive hundreds of miles just for me.
It blew me away. To the point where I’m so grateful and humbled that I
don’t know how to repay him. It meant so much to me, that inside
there was a warmth I couldn’t eradicate.

At the end of the day, he is the Only one I see, the only smile I look
forward to, the only one who understands who I am in this exact
moment. I love him so much I want to shout it on rooftops and hug him
until our bodies go numb. Make me numb.


That boy can stroke it. That boy can really stroke it right there. I’m gonna take him to Target.

—Charles Barkley, describing Klay Thompson’s jump shot, and derailing Inside The NBA for a full two minutes (via nbaoffseason)


As a mental release, I’m considering signing up for a destination marathon.  I’ve run 4 marathons already, what’s one more?  Decisions x decisions. 

I run because when I’m doing it, I escape the world.  I like to escape.  It keeps me sane.

All At Once.

I feel like everything is happening to me all at once, 2014 seems to be a peak year for me.  


I’ve decided to finally take a giant leap into my career and take that risk!  The greatest hurdle with launching a business, is spending the initial money to make money.  Scary.  But if executed properly, the sky is the limit.  I’m upward bound.


I’ve always been a kid at heart.  I have yet to learn what it means to take on full responsibility.  A part of that means I’m leaving my carefree life behind to take on what adults handle - as a new homeowner, I’ll be dipping my feet into that pool of adulthood.


Seems like a re-occurring theme, but I’m on that track to make something of my health. I plan on living to 110, that means I gotta whip myself into shape.  I’m trying to eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch as a routine, and for dinner down some form of protein after a work out session.  I was told I have to get my dose of protein in within that half hour window of work-out completion.  Never too late to get fit. 


I was warned to chill, and just go with the flow.  A part of me starts to become a worrywart - simply because the girly-side of me desires one thing, and conveys another…  because in the long run I want to know that this guy is in this thing to win it.  He’s all I think about it all day, every damn day, and it’s consuming me.  I asked the love gods for someone with substance, and now that he’s here, cue Whitney’s “How Will I Know?”  


Sea Of Love - Cat Power

(Source: itsgroundfloor)


I’m spilling out of my cup.

Not simple, not complex.

But I like this thing.

I like what we have when I’m with you.

No one would understand if I told them.

I myself, don’t know how to explain it. 

Laughter and smiles fill up to the brim.

It’s not run-of-the-mill.

It’s not lust.

It’s more than that.

It’s substance.


What do you do when you strike gold?


From last night’s #CONAN monologue. #Smurfs (at Warner Bros Stage 15)


From last night’s #CONAN monologue. #Smurfs (at Warner Bros Stage 15)

If you knew you only had one more day …

..what would you do today?